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The Barn Academy

The best way to contact us regarding our therapeutic preschool is through our Preschool Inquiry Form.


Program Philosophy

At the barn academy preschool, we believe in every child’s potential to grow and develop skills which will enhance their future. Children are continuously learning and growing. A child’s development can sometimes be influenced by underlying issues creating challenges for the development towards age appropriate skills. To assist with the transition into school, it is important that children with delays and disabilities are introduced to academics, developmental milestones and social interactions with support and patience that meet each child’s individual needs. Children have an internal drive to be successful, therefore our staff will lead them through the stages of development in order to achieve their personal best.

Our preschool programming activities and skills will reflect a guiding theme each week. In addition, The Barn Academy programming will focus on the five areas of development- fine & gross motor, language, social-emotional skills, cognitive development. While the idea of a theme will guide our activities, we will also be flexible and follow interests as well as various sensory, floor-time and movement activities.

Our goal is to help children learn to identify their emotions and assist them in calming down and communicate their needs appropriately. Although children will be redirected to use sensory calming strategies, aggressive behaviors can still occur. When this happens, staff will follow the protocol to document the behaviors as well as how they were triggered. This will be discussed with parents to develop a plan together. If the child's behavior is causing harm to self or other or is taking away learning time from peers a meeting with the parent and provider will be scheduled. Plans may include but are not limited to:

  • Use of visual aids and schedule boards 
  • Providing extra sensory input prior to seated activities
  • Removing the child from a situation if they are causing harm to self or others.
  • Redirection to another task
  • Comforting the child and providing a quiet space 
  • Discussion of feelings and providing choices to child to use a calming strategy. 
  • Positive reinforcement & token systems

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