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Landon's Lane was developed after the tragic loss of Landon D'Aprile in June 2023.  Landon was a light and made everyone smile.  In his honor, we've created Landon's Lane Sensory Trail to be used by our CDT Kids clients.  This sensory trail is meant to remember the love Landon had for his wagon, music, bubbles, and how he explored his world through play and touch.  Landon's Lane is an ongoing project.


Continue areas of need where your donations will help: 

1. Cover of the trial to make it accessible year-round

2. Music components

3. Leveling of ground to allow for wagon and wheelchair accessibility

4. Outdoor yard games (hopscotch, connect 4, ring toss)

5. Additional textured materials


Additional information about Landon and his family's non-profit Landon's Legacy can be found at Landon's Legacy Foundation

Your gifts, both large and small, will help us to continue the development of Landon's Lane in his memory. 

Thank you for your generosity. 

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