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Sick Policy

When your child is sick, his/her performance in therapy is not optimal, and in turn, is less beneficial. Therefore, if your child has a fever over 99 degrees, has a thick, yellow/green nasal discharge, or has vomited or had diarrhea within the past 24 hours, please call/text/email the office or therapist to cancel your child’s therapy session. 

Child must be symptom-free for 24 hours, without the use of medications including Tylenol.

Because we work so closely with your child, our concern is not only your child’s health, but also maintaining the health of our staff. We need to be sensitive to the other families in the waiting room as well. Thank you for adhering to this sick policy.

CDT Kids is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees and clients. To ensure we have a safe and healthy workplace, we have developed the following COVID-19 Preparedness Policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you were exposed to COVID-19 and are NOT up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccinations, please stay home and quarantine for at least 5 full days and wear a well-fitted mask for 10 full days. If you were exposed to COVID-19 and are up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccinations, you do not need to stay home unless you develop symptoms and wear a well-fitted mask for 10 full days.  If you tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, please stay home for at least 5 days and you can end isolation if you are fever-free for 24 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medication) and wear a well-fitted mask for 10 full days. Please follow the same guidelines for therapists coming to your home as well. If you or someone in your home is quarantining/isolating or sick, please change your sessions to teletherapy.