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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy supports and promotes the development and engagement of children and their families in everyday routines (occupations). 

These routines include play, rest, self care, education and social participation. Occupational therapy considers emotional, social, physical, sensory, cognitive, and adaptive behavior challenges that can be impacting a child's ability to successfully engage in their daily life activities.

CDT Kids looks at the whole child in the following areas: gross motor, fine motor, visual motor, sensory motor and social-emotional skills.  Our OTs use a developmental play approach in therapy, utilizing children’s natural means of learning and changing to facilitate development of skills.  Therapy is a child-led, movement and sensory rich, play based therapy.  Sessions are goal directed and structured to address the specific needs of each child.  Your evaluating occupational therapist will bring specific knowledge and expertise to help identify contributing factors that are impacting your child’s ability to participate successfully in daily life activities.  They will strive to work in collaboration with you to create an appropriate and relevant intervention plan.

Fine Motor and Visual Motor Developmental Milestones

Self Care Skills Developmental Milestones

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Who can benefit from OT?
Occupational therapists can help if your child exhibits difficulty with:

  • Emotional regulation
  • Attention
  • Following directions
  • Playing with toys and/or peers appropriately
  • Feeding
  • Dressing or other self care tasks
  • Balance
  • Fine motor skills
  • Strength and endurance
  • Gross motor skills

Types of Services

Comprehensive Evaluations for Occupational Therapy:
CDT Kids will complete evaluations looking at the child according to the discipline completing the evaluation. Evaluations will provide a baseline for where the child is in their various skill areas as well as allow us to look at the process in which a child completes various tasks asked of them during an evaluation.  From an evaluation, we are able to determine recommendations for clinic based therapy or home program suggestions.

1:1 Direct Therapy:
An occupational therapist will work with your child individually, targeting his/her specific motor goals and sensory needs. 1:1 direct occupational therapy services consist of child-led, adult-directed therapy. 

Home or School Consultations:
A therapist will come into your home or school and make specific sensory, fine motor, or communication/language recommendations for you and your child based on the environment and available equipment.

Home Programs:
Carryover of clinical therapy skills into a child’s natural environment at home is essential for maximizing therapeutic potential.  CDT Kids strives to work collaboratively with all of our families to support home programs that fit with your family’s daily life and schedule to optimize your child’s development.

In-services and Trainings:
CDT Kids will provide in-service training and workshops for families and the community as requested.

Speech and OT Co-Treatments:
We can provide simultaneous treatment by a speech therapist and occupational therapist, creating the opportunity for the child to be organized and ready for increased speech production and communication.

Activity Based Groups:
After successfully completing one on one therapy, often times we transition our patients into peer paired groups to further support their skill development in more complex, dynamic and relevant environments.  These groups focus on learning new motor skills, increasing social interaction in natural setting, and improving self esteem and motivation. We use activity as a means to allow children with similar interests to participate in activities of their choice while engaging with others.