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Self Care Skills Developmental Milestones

0 months
Coordinates suck, swallow, breath synchrony
Sucks and swallows pureed foods from a spoon

6 months
Gums and swallows a cracker
Drinks from a cup with help
Picks up a spoon
Bites and chews a cracker

12 months
Feeds self and entire meal with spoon noting some spillage
Picks up and drinks from a cup noting some spillage
Remains dry for one to two hour periods
Fusses to be changed
Pulls off socks
Cooperates in dressing by moving their arms and legs
Attempts to brush hair

24 months
Begins to use a fork
Get a drink without help
Spoon feeding without spillage
Uses gestures or words to use the bathroom
Toilets independently with the exception for wiping
Puts on simple clothing without assistance
Washes and dries hands with assistance

36 months
Uses a fork to pierce foods
Drink from a cup unassisted
Pours from a small container
Washes and dries hands with assistance
Undress self with only parental supervision
Unbutton medium buttons
Fastens front fasteners
Remains dry through the night

48 months
Can pour from a pitcher
Spreads soft table foods with a knife
Serves self food
Distinguishes between the front and back of clothing
Dress self independently with the exception of difficult fasteners
Brush teeth independently
Toilets independently
Wash face with some assistance
Wipes self independently after toileting

60 months
Can tie his or her shoes
Cleans face and wipes nose independently
Bathes self with supervision
Able to set table independently
Able to independently: fasten snaps, buckles, buttons, zip/unzip, lace shoes