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Fine Motor Skills & Visual Motor Skills

0 months
Follows a moving object horizontally and vertically
Reaches for a dangling object
Reaches for a cube and attains it
Transfers toys from hand to hand

6 months
Pulls a peg out of a pegboard
Rakes a raisin and attains it
Pokes with index finger
Drops an object with voluntary release
Holds a crayon adaptively

12 months
Exhibits a refined pincer grasp
Turns pages of a cardboard book
Place pegs in a pegboard
Builds a 2-3 cube tower
Scribbles spontaneously
Begins to imitate crayon strokes such as a vertical and horizontal line
Holds a crayon with his/her fingers

24 months
String several large beads
Imitates a horizontal and vertical line
Aligns blocks to make a train
Unscrew a jar
Scribbles in a circular manner

36 months
Imitates a cross and circle (drawing in shaving cream or sand is always fun!)
Builds a 9-cube tower
Demonstrated preferred hand use
Strings ½” beads independently
Recognizes primary colors
Identifies some body parts
Completes 2-piece rotated picture
Places pegs into a pegboard
Holds pencil with fingers
Unscrews/screws objects
Completes 8-piece form board

48 months
Begins to exhibit an adult 3-finger pencil grasp (place a penny in a child’s palm so that they have to use their 4th and 5th digit while the other three fingers hold the pencil or crayon)
Draws a person with 3 recognizable parts
Imitates simple block designs
Cuts on straight, curved, and crooked lines
Names four basic shapes and colors
Completes a 3-5-shape puzzle
Imitates drawing a square
Completes simple mazes
Connects dots
Laces a lacing card

60 months
Prints numerals one to five, letters, and simple words
Ties a knot
Draws a person with 5 parts
Copies a triangle from a picture
Cuts out a picture with scissors
Completes 12-15-piece puzzle