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FAQs – Parent Providers

Updated 03/2024

CDT Kids helps parents/guardians become paid providers for their own child. The role was originally called “Temporary Direct Care Worker” but is now referred to as “DDD Parent Provider” and includes all parents or guardians providing services to their own children or wards of any age. The child (or adult) receiving services is referred to as the DDD “member.”

Parent Providers may provide Habilitation services (depending on what the individual is approved for by DDD). Parent Providers may NOT provide Respite services for their own child, and may not provide any services through CDT Kids to any other DDD member that is not their own child. If Habilitation is not part of the member’s service plan, the DDD Support Coordinator will need to assess for the service before it can be added to the member’s planning document.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for CDT Kids DDD Parent Providers:


What services can I provide as a Parent Provider?

•   Parent Providers are only allowed to provide Habilitation services.  

  •   Parent Providers need to follow all standard DDD/AHCCCS requirements to perform the service objectives, implement appropriate techniques, take data, submit reports, etc. CDT Kids provides information for Parent Providers on how to comply with service requirements and use all necessary reporting systems.


Who is eligible to become a Parent Provider?

•   DDD members that qualify for Habilitation services through DDD may receive some or all of these services through a Parent Provider.

•   Parents and legal guardians that provide these services to their own child are classified by CDT Kids as Parent Providers, regardless of the DDD member’s age.

•   For adult DDD members who are their own guardian, if the member lives with a non- parent family member that is the primary caretaker (e.g., a grandparent) and wishes to provide Habilitation services, CDT Kids  would classify that family member as a Parent Provider.


Can my child still receive Respite care from someone else?

•   Yes. As a Parent Provider you cannot provide respite care, but if you have another non- parent provider that serves the member, that person can continue to provide respite services, as long as it is an approved service in the member’s DDD service plan.


What are the pay rates for CDT Kids Parent Providers?

•   Pay rates may fluctuate from time to time based on current funding from DDD and other factors. Changes in pay rates will be communicated in advance. Contact us for current Parent Provider pay rates for Habilitation services.

•   CDT Kids DDD Parent Providers are classified as independent contractors and are only permitted to provide services to members that are their own children.

•   As independent contractors, parents receive the same rate of pay for each hour, regardless of how many hours are provided per day or week.


Can siblings or other family members also become paid providers?

•   Absolutely! Siblings and family members that are at least 18 years old may always apply to become providers by using our standard job application for Direct Support Providers.

•   Members may receive services from any mix of Parent Providers, employed family member providers, or other employed providers.


Do I need prior experience working as a Direct Care Provider with an agency?

•   No, you do not need prior work history in this field. Your experience as a parent of an individual with developmental disabilities satisfies the typical experience requirement.


Do I have to commit to being a Parent Provider for a certain amount of time?

•   No. When you become a DDD Parent Provider with CDT Kids, there are no expectations regarding how long you provide services and you may discontinue at any time. As an independent contractor, you also have the flexibility to stop/start again as needed as long as you maintain all state requirements. This flexibility is important to help you navigate any gaps in care from other providers on your child’s team.


Do I need a Fingerprint Clearance Card to work with my own child?

•   Yes. If you do not already have a Fingerprint Clearance Card, DDD requires that you at least apply for the Fingerprint Clearance Card before providing services. CDT Kids does not cover this cost for Parent Providers.

•   The state of Arizona requires that applicants use a specific company for fingerprinting. Here are the instructions:

o   To submit your application, go to 


o   Click the Apply for a background check – Register.

o   Select Apply for a fingerprint Clearance Card and click New Application.

o   Select DES-DDD/HCBS-Home & Community Based Services-ARS 36-594.01 and then Proceed to Application.

o   Check Paid Employee Fee ($75.25).

o   Once your registration is complete, you may go to any of the approved locations to have your fingerprints scanned/taken.



Are any required trainings & certifications offered to Parent Providers?

•   Yes! CDT Kids offers free Article 9, CPR and First Aid training for Parent Providers. A class schedule will be provided to choose a date and time that is convenient for you.

•   If you are unable to attend a free class hosted by CDT Kids, Parent Providers are responsible for covering the costs of any required certifications themselves, unless you have current certification that is not expired. CDT Kids can provide a list of available training companies and locations to complete certifications.


Do we have to be a current CDT Kids client family to become a Parent Provider?

•  YES. You will just need to have your DDD support coordinator authorize the member’s service hours to CDT Kids. Our Habilitation Coordinator will work with you to get these steps completed as quickly as possible.


What does CDT Kids offer Parent Providers versus other agencies?

•   As always, we encourage all parents to decide what is the best fit for your family when choosing which provider agency to utilize for DDD services.

•   CDT Kids has been serving Maricopa County DDD families for nearly 12 years. As a nonprofit, our mission is to help as many families as possible with individualized supports. We are known in the community for our focus on family-centered care, broad expertise in autism-specific challenges, and extensive support for families.

•   Family support and coaching by our Habilitation Field Support Team is available at no charge to support any Habilitation services the member is receiving.

•   We have always strived to offer the best overall service experience for providers and families. We are also committed to offering the highest pay rates that we can sustain for Parent Providers.


What if I have an existing Habilitation provider working with my child?

•   Any existing providers you have may continue working with the member. You may choose to fulfill any unused hours in your DDD authorization as a Parent Provider.

•   If your existing provider works for a different agency, you can split the authorization between the two agencies. However, this process can be complicated and we want to make sure that whatever you decide is best for your child and family, so please contact us to discuss how this works before taking action.


Is there a limit to the number of hours I can work with my child?

•   Since Parent Providers are independent contractors, CDT Kids does not impose any limits related to how many hours of paid services can be provided. Other limitations may be imposed by DDD, AHCCCS, or the member’s service plan and related authorizations.

•   The weekly number of hours that the member can receive is determined by your planning team, which includes you and your DDD support coordinator. The member’s Planning Document (formerly known as the ISP) will state the maximum number of hours approved.

•   CDT Kids uses a “Monday to Sunday” workweek to calculate weekly hours. Your child’s Planning Document should state how many Habilitation hours the member can receive per week. This amount is the total for all of the member’s providers combined (if there is more than one provider).

•   You can provide up to the total maximum number of hours that the member is approved for each week, as long as you do not exceed daily limits. The member cannot receive more than 10 hours per day of Habilitation. Contact us if there are any unique circumstances that might require an exception to these rules.

•   Providers cannot work more than 16 hours in a 24-hour period.


Can I work with other children who need a provider?

•   No. Parent Providers are independent contractors who are only approved to provide Habilitation services for their own child.


How do I apply to become a Parent Provider?

•   Complete our online application and a member of our team will contact you with next steps. You can access the Parent Provider application here:



Can I provide services while traveling out of state?

•   Contact your support coordinator for advance approval if you will be traveling with the member out of Arizona but within the United States.

•   DDD does not allow for any billing of services outside of the United States.


Do I need to notify my Support Coordinator before becoming a Parent Provider?


•   If the member is approved for Habilitation services but the hours are NOT authorized to CDT Kids, you will need to tell your Support Coordinator that you would like to move the hours to CDT Kids. We recommend doing this immediately, in case there are any issues that may take a little time to resolve.

•   If the member has not been approved yet for Habilitation services, notify your Support Coordinator that you would like to be assessed for these needs (if applicable). You may need to get approval by their Supervisor, Area Manager or District Manager, depending on how many hours and which service is being requested. Once the service is approved, you’ll just notify your Support Coordinator that you would like the authorization to be granted to CDT Kids.


What if my request for additional services is denied?

•   You may ask for your Support Coordinator to explain why the service was denied. You may also call our Family Support Specialist for help with any specific questions.

•   Contact us anytime at